Nov 18 in Durham - FIVE-PIECE BAND CONFIRMED. Pinhook with D. Shawn and Soul + Janelle Symone

Nov 23 in Greensboro - GABE+KEENAN+TJ CONFIRMED. SoFar GBoro. Locations details not revealed til near date. $33 each ($100 sum)

Dec 1 in Charlotte - VOCAL TRIO CONFIRMED. SoFar Charlotte. Location details not revealed til near date. $33 each ($100 sum)

Jan 10 in Chapel Hill - FIVE-PIECE BAND CONFIRMED. Local 506 with Rachel Despard

Jan 11 in Wilkesboro - almost confirmed for vocal trio. Sounds & Grounds. $100 each ($300 sum)

Jan 21 at Joymonger’s (Greensboro) - FIVE-PIECE BAND CONFIRMED. arrive at venue around 6:30/7pm. $20 each ($100 sum)

Jan 30 at Watts & Ward (Raleigh) - FOUR-PIECE (NO AZUL) CONFIRMED. Load in 7:30, play 8:30, 3 hour set. We provide and run our own sound. $112 each ($450 sum)

Feb 27 in Greensoboro - almost confirmed for vocal trio. SoFar GBoro. $33 each ($100 sum)

Other inquiries (no specific dates) - Blue Note Grill (Durham). Bossa Nova (Fayetteville). Elm St Lounge (Greensboro). Wake Forest Listening Room (would be 2020). Camp North End (Charlotte). Tin Roof (Raleigh). Hot Tin Roof (Hillsborough). Saints and Scholars (Raleigh). Champions (Raleigh), Edenton Bay Trading Company (Edenton), The Hops Vault (Archdale). Nash Street Tavern (Hillsborough). Flytrap Brewing (Wilmington). Natty Greene’s Brewing Co. (Greensboro). Grove Winery and Vineyards (Gibsonville).