The best/worst band bio I’ve ever written

I was fishing through some old high school documents when I came across what is, after six years, still unquestionably the best and worst band bio I’ve ever written:

One upon a time, Gabriel David and Colin Bradley were sitting through another boring on-campus lunch.
Suddenly Colin sat up from his slump. “Gabe, we should make a band,” he declared.
“Oh, absolutely,” said Gabe, who practiced no restraint whatsoever in forming bands. “Let’s think of a name.”
Colin stroked what would become a fearsome beard in the years to come. He belched meditatively. “The Homeowners’ Association,” he announced.
“Alright,” said Gabe, who recognized that there were very few circumstances under which the name of this band would actually matter. “What do you play?” he asked.
Colin shot Gabe a quizzical stare. “Play?”
The rest, as they say, is history.