Like A Virgin

“Like A Virgin” was one of my first requests last night, from a giggling girl who dedicated it to her friend.

The friend was a semi-regular at the wine bar - I saw her about once a month - and I’d noticed she got this request a lot. Sometimes from friends, sometimes from herself, but always under her name. “Like A Virgin” is the sort of song where you can’t help but wonder what that means.

I took my break and talked to her for a little bit. After a while I mentioned my curiosity. “If it’s not weird to ask, why do you and your friends always put this song under your name?” I asked. “What’s the deal there?”

She smiled and flashed me her purity ring. “My friends do it to poke fun at me for saving myself,” she answered happily.

“Makes sense,” I said. “But then why do YOU request it too?”

She smiled again. “I just really love Madonna.”